Sean Cummings: John Porter

Sean Cummings acts in this film. Mostly, he acts nervous.

Sean is no stranger to the indy film circuit. Other credits include the award-winning speed-film Selfless Self-Indulgence, the award deserving speed-film Wheelchair, the award-pending speed-film Ninja Strike!!, and as Friedrich Nietzsche in Exploding Goldfish's Terminal Philosophy (in post-production). 16 Heads and Counting is his first feature film.

When he is not acting nervous, Sean Cummings likes to pretend to be a writer. He is currently pretending to write a feature-length screenplay, as well as the occasional imaginary comic sketch.

Sean is a student at the theatre college of Colorado State University, where he continues to act nervous. He wants very much to act nervous professionally. Please hire him.

Sean can be contacted by e-mail at