Exploding Goldfish Films John Porter (Sean Cummings) Dog (Vincent Gagnepain)

Exploding Goldfish Films was founded in 2003 by Andrew Gingerich and in addition to 16 Heads and Counting has produced one feature film (Wholesale Souls, Inc. in 2006) and countless short films (many of which can be seen online at shorts.exgfilms.com) which have been featured in festivals nationwide.

The goal of Exploding Goldfish Films is simple: make movies. Often on shoestring budgets and tight schedules, the filmmakers of Exploding Goldfish thrive on adversity. 16 Heads and Counting, for instance, was shot on an extremely tight budget over a period of only three weeks, but through the hard work and naïveté of all those involved, what emerged was an exciting, funny and charming piece of cinema.

The official Exploding Goldfish Films blog can be found online at www.EXGfilms.com.