Ethan Holbrook: The mind behind the madness Yup.

Ethan Holbrook was born in Michigan, but was raised in North Carolina and France. He spent his teenage years in Fort Collins, where he met Andrew Gingerich. It was… something… at first sight.

He spent his high school years writing and shooting short films. One day he was inspired to write a feature-length screenplay, and, with the encouragement of much of the production crew, 16 Heads and Counting was born. Ethan is currently studying film at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Ethan wrote the screenplay for 16 Heads and Counting, as well as co-producing the film with Parker Cagle-Smith and Andrew Gingerich and appearing in a cameo role as a severed head.

Ethan can be contacted by e-mail at Ethan loves you.