Ethan Holbrook: The mind behind the madness alley-oop

Ethan Holbrook was born as a small child in western Kentucky, U.S.S.R.

Both his parents were farmers, and neither one of them was very good at it. Consequently, He has always had a mild headache. Some say that this headache is the source of his inspiration. Those people are obviously wrong.

The plot of 16 Heads and Counting came to Ethan in a dream one night as he tossed and turned in bed, tortured by his inability to remember the difference between the words 'tantamount' and 'paramount.' A ghostly ghoul came ghosting through his window in a most ghostish manner and tripped on an unfortunately-placed roller skate in a highly comical fashion evocative of The Three Stooges, only more supernatural.

"Golf skis," thought Ethan as he wet himself in fright, and a legend was born.

Ethan wrote the screenplay for 16 Heads and Counting, as well as co-producing the film with Parker Cagle-Smith and Andrew Gingerich and appearing in a cameo role as a severed head.

Ethan can be contacted by e-mail at